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How the Flexia Reformer Standing Platform Compares to Others

A standing platform is an accessory for the Pilates reformer that attaches to the reformer, so you can perform additional standing balance, lower body strength work, and plank variations on the reformer. 

How do you use a standing platform?

The standing platform can be used for kneeling and standing lower body exercises on the reformer. You can also place your hands or toes on it to practice planks and core stability exercises.

The standing platform gives you additional options for improving your balance, posture, lower body strength, and core control. 

Video demonstrating different exercises you can do with the standing platform 


What are the pros and cons of the different styles of Pilates reformer standing platforms.

Standing platforms are designed to match specific reformer models and, for the most part, cannot be interchanged on different reformers. Some standing platforms are removable and some are not. 

Additionally, most standing platforms can only be attached to one side of the reformer, but the Flexia standing platform can be attached to both sides. This will influence how many ways you can use the standing platform during your reformer workout.

How the Flexia Pilates standing platform compares to other standing platforms.

Depending on the reformer brand and model, standing platforms will be various widths and may or may not be removable or padded.

The key design features of the Flexia standing platform is that it is wider than the average standing platform, removable, padded, and can be attached to either end of the reformer. 

Having a wider standing platform makes it easier for your hands or feet to fit comfortably on the platform. This makes it easier to balance and helps you feel secure during planks and standing exercises, because you’re less likely to feel like a hand or foot will slip off. It also tends to be more comfortable for your wrists and knees. 

Many standing platforms are removable, but most cannot attach to either end of the reformer. Our standing platform has this ability, which gives you additional exercise options that you can’t easily do on all reformers.

Finally, if you have sensitive hands, knees, or feet, having a padded standing platform will make using it more comfortable, because you’ll be able to focus on the exercise rather than being distracted by joint pain or discomfort.

How to know what standing platform is right for you.

Which standing platform you choose will come back to which reformer and its corresponding sitting box, jumpboard, and standing platform best fits your needs.

If you’re looking for a studio quality reformer designed for home use with accessories designed for ease of use, quality, and comfort, then the Flexia Smart Reformer and All-In Bundle, which includes a sitting box, standing platform, and jumpboard may be a good option for you.

If you’re looking for a reformer that isn’t made out of wood or can fold into itself, then our reformer may not be the right fit. If you’d like additional information about the Pilates reformer and its accessories, then check out our Reformer Buying Guide, sitting box comparison blog, or our reformer jumpboard comparison blog.