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How the Flexia Pilates Jumpboard Compares to Others

A Pilates jumpboard is an accessory for the Pilates reformer that attaches to the end of the machine. It gives you a firm, yet padded surface, allowing you to jump with minimal impact to your joints using the reformer springs as resistance.

What is a Pilates jumpboard good for?

The Pilates jumpboard can be used to add variety and low impact cardio to your reformer workout. It can also be used for non-jumping exercises targeting your core, upper, and lower body. It may also be used to rehabilitate ankle and knee injuries. 

Pilates jumpboard benefits include improved:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Core, upper, and lower body strength
  • Coordination, balance, and control
  • Muscle tone

How do you use a Pilates jumpboard?

Below is a video with a short workout that shows you how to use the Pilates jumpboard. In addition to jumping on your back, it can also be used to build upper body strength in a seated position. 


What are the pros and cons of the different styles of Pilates jumpboards?

Pilates jumpboards are designed to match specific reformer models and for the most part cannot be interchanged on different reformers. While all jump boards are universally used in the same way, some are easier to use than others. 

How the Flexia Pilates jumpboard compares to other jumpboards.

A common challenge that Pilates teachers and enthusiasts have reported about many jumpboards for popular reformer models is that they are difficult to set up and remove from the reformer. 

In some cases, the set-up process can involve multiple steps where if the footbar and jumpboard are not in the right settings, you may risk damaging your reformer. When designing the Flexia Pilates jumpboard, we made sure that the set-up process was easy. All you have to do is remove the foot bar, replace it with the jumpboard, and secure it with easy-release levers at the end of the reformer. 

Additionally, many Pilates jumpboards are very narrow, which limits your options for jumping and may even result in missing the board upon landing. The Flexia jumpboard is much wider, allowing you to explore an endless number of jumping variations while helping you feel confident in each take off and landing. 

Finally, some Pilates jumpboards are not well padded, which can be jarring on sensitive feet, knees, and lower backs. Our jumpboard was designed with enough padding to support your joints during jumping without being so soft that it makes it hard to jump. 

We designed our jumpboard to be the perfect companion to the Flexia Reformer. Like our reformer, it is easy to set up and use and designed to give you the best workout possible. 

The Flexia jumpboard is part of our All-In Bundle which also includes a sitting box and standing platform. It can be purchased with our reformer or separately here