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Metrics that Matter: Consistency

The Flexia Smart Reformer is the first tech-enabled reformer on the market, which is actually much cooler than it sounds...

Our sensors talk to our Online Studio during class to ensure you're getting your best Pilates workout yet. We'll let you know if you're correctly following the verbal cues of your instructor on-screen, if your consistency during reps is waning, or if you're going too fast for an exercise. 

We do all of these by using three core movement metrics: Control, Speed, and Consistency


Let's explore our Consistency metric:

This is our accountability metric.


The problem in Pilates:

Are you performing just as well on your 8th rep as you did on your 1st? Your Pilates instructor can tell, but can you?


Our Solution: 

Our Consistency gauge measures your Control from rep to rep, ensuring that you are exerting just as much effort on the 8th rep as you did on the 1st--then lets you know if you need to adjust. 


The Consistency gauge takes a few reps to kick in, so don’t stress when you don’t see immediate feedback (it’s calculating while you work). Once the gauge calculates, you’ll see an ⬆️ if your reps aren’t matching or a  if your reps are consistently hitting the same mark.



The Purpose:

Similar to Control, Consistency tracks your carriage movement down to the second, but (here's the kicker) it starts comparing your reps within the exercise to ensure you're hitting the same mark over and over and over again. 


Your instructor in-studio likely points out a dip in your consistency during an exercise, but can you always tell? That's why our Consistency metric is so important. This helps keep you honest during your at-home Pilates practice so you can end each class knowing you gave your all.  


The Benefits:

Staying honest with your Consistency metric increases your body's endurance...and better endurance means you can do more with less fatigue, like chasing kids, running marathons, or hiking in the great outdoors. We'll take it!


For a closer look at this metric, let's chat with our Founder + CEO, Kaleen: 



And Consistency is just the beginning...learn more about our Control and Speed metrics


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