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Finally Measure Your Weight Moved with Flexia

Above your smart metrics (Control, Consistency, and Speed), you’ll notice a familiar training metric: Weight Moved. 


A question we get asked often as Pilates instructors is, “How much weight did I move during this exercise?” 


Historically, there hasn't been a way to measure the weight moved on your reformer. We’ve had an idea, right? We know which spring is heaviest, which is lightest, and what’s in between. We know how to spot when our students are mastering an exercise and how to level them up or down, when required. 


But the weight moved? How could we possibly calculate the weight of a spring that increases in tension every inch it’s stretched? 


...and even if we could calculate the tension of spring when it’s stretched, say 16 inches, how can we ensure that our students are stretching their springs equally each rep? And what if some students are on a medium spring, some are on heavy, and others are somewhere in between?


This is when we’re thankful for technology. 


The sensors beneath your carriage on a Flexia Smart Reformer can calculate your weight moved (using Hooke's Law) by measuring your distance moved and the spring weight pulled across that distance. Know exactly how much weight you're moving every rep, every exercise. No more guesstimates. Pretty cool. 


For a closer look at weight moved, let's chat with our Founder + CEO, Kaleen: 




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