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Why doesn’t the Flexia Reformer have a screen?

We get asked pretty often, where’s the screen?

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to add one. 😉 Rather, through extensive user research and industry knowledge, we concluded that a companion device, such as a tablet, is the better option. 

Here's why using your device is better than a Pilates reformer with a fixed screen

Reformers with screens are not easily viewed in all positions

In Pilates, the reformer can be used in an infinite number of body positions, and a fixed screen limits the number of exercises you can perform. For example, if positioned at the end of the footbar, a screen can't be easily viewed when lying down or facing away.

Don’t sacrifice form for the placement of your screen when using your home reformer

When you can customize the placement of your device, you can see what is happening at all times, no matter the exercise in question. You’re also able to maintain good form without cranking your neck to see what’s happening. 

A fixed screen on a Pilates machine will limit the number of exercises you can do.

Additionally, the screen can be positioned too close for you to practice certain exercises effectively. Having the ability to move your device means full use of your reformer without running into the screen during feet in straps, planks, or jumping. 

A screen attached to a reformer is hard to maintain, upgrade, and replace.

We also know that connected screens are fragile. Not having a screen directly connected to the reformer allows you to avoid the dreaded cracked or scratched screen when moving or storing and if for some reason your screen does break, you can get a new device or screen replacement without costly and inconvenient repairs that are specific to the reformer. 

Your at-home Pilates workout experience matters!

Ultimately, we value user experience above everything else, so while a fixed screen certainly sounds like a good idea in theory, we couldn’t justify attaching it to the reformer when we knew your ability to customize its placement would give you the best possible workout. 


Looking for a tablet stand that gets the job done?

Flexia Ambassador, Sean Taylor, claimed this Amazon gem for her Flexia Reformer set-up. 


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