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5 reasons you should choose a Flexia Reformer

We’re all about easy decisions here at Flexia, so let’s help you decide if our reformer is right for you…


1 - You love Pilates, but you’re finding it difficult (and costly) to squeeze in classes at your favorite studio.

We’re with you, here! The number one reason Flexia owners purchase a reformer for home-use is to alleviate the pressure of commuting for their workout 3+ times per week.


Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to leave your favorite local studio entirely–many of our customers bring a Flexia home to supplement their studio Pilates practice, opting to shift to an at-home practice during the busy work week and still enjoying studio time with group sessions on the weekends (plus, save money). 


Flexia Fact: 40% of our most recent customers choose to finance their reformer purchase with Affirm. With 6, 12, and 24mo 0% APR financing available, tap the "see if you qualify" button here on our product page to learn more


After all, when you’re in control of when and where your Pilates Practice takes place, you’re more likely to stay consistent


2 - You moved away from your favorite studio and have been out of the Pilates game for a while. 

Oh, we hear this one quite a bit! Life moves fast and sometimes you’re asked to physically move along with it. If you’ve moved away from your favorite Pilates studio and are missing your reformer movement, you’re certainly not alone. 


Getting back into the groove with Pilates can be intimidating, but we make it easy with class filters in our Online Studio (pictured below) to fit your experience level, desired intensity, and class goals. Ease back into the practice you love from the comfort of home. No commute necessary. 




3 - You’re new to Pilates or unsure if a home practice is right for you. 

Bringing any exercise routine home can feel daunting, but we’re making reformer Pilates easier with an intuitive Online Studio, stacked with expert instructors and class filters to get exactly what you want and need, regardless of your experience level. 


Even if you're new to Pilates, we've got you covered. We have a collection just for you called "Welcome to Pilates: a Beginner's Series", which will walk you through some fundamentals of your new reformer and get you comfortable with your practice. 


"Something that I hear a lot from other Pilates students and teachers is, unfortunately, a lot of fear around, 'You need a Pilates teacher to always be there for you, or you're going to get hurt'," Flexia CEO + Founder, Kaleen Canevari, said on the Flexia Talks podcast, "We as teachers are really good at a lot of things, but ultimately we're doing our students a disservice if we're not empowering [them] to learn their body and be able to work out on their own.


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And that confidence to move on your own is huge. After all, most of your daily movement happens off of the reformer. That confidence to move comfortably on your own, on and off of the reformer, is paramount to living a fulfilled life. 



Plus, our smart metrics (pictured below; keep reading to learn more) will keep even the newest Pilates lovers comfortably on track and learning every step of the way. No more second-guessing “am I even doing this right…?” Know exactly what’s expected out of you, every exercise, every rep. 


Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 2-12-26 PM


4 - You feel great after every Pilates session, but you’re not quite sure if you’re getting stronger.

This is why we created our smart metrics. The Flexia Smart Reformer is equipped with sensors to track the 3 metrics that matter most in Pilates: Control, Speed, and Consistency, to give you your best Pilates workout yet. 


  • Control: This metric measures your carriage travel over time, during a single rep, ensuring you're moving with the verbal cues of your instructor.
  • Speed: We'll measure the tempo at which you move so you get the most out of each rep. Remember, it’s not a race. Often with Pilates, slower is better. 
  • Consistency: Measures your ability to perform your 6th rep as well as your 1st. 


Keep an eye on these metrics during class in our Online Studio to know when you’re on track, or if you need to adjust. 


After class, these metrics come together for your Movement Quality Score (MQS), which details your workout and gives you the ability to compare class scores over time, showing you exactly where you're getting stronger.


Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 2.07.51 PM



5 - You’re a tried-and-true Pilates lover and want to share the magic with your loved ones (who are less likely to jump into a studio setting…)

A growing number of our customers are finding that they aren’t the only ones jumping on the reformer at home. 


Don’t worry about sharing your Online Studio subscription, we’ll tack on up to 4 additional family members to your monthly subscription at no additional charge. This way, you can each track your metrics independently and ruthlessly compete (or not 😉). 


Sharing your reformer could be one of the greatest acts of love and kindness. Who doesn't want to live life feeling great?


Learn More About Pilates at Home


Jump into a quick pre-recorded demo with us here to learn more. Ready to bring your Smart Reformer home?  Tap here to shop

For more questions about our Smart Reformer, visit our Knowledge Base (our searchable FAQ), book a demo with us, or send an email to 

Updated: 5/15/24