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How do I adjust my springs in reformer Pilates?

Historically, knowing what springs to add or remove in your Pilates Practice has been a challenge. As we've experienced in Pilates, sometimes adding weight makes an exercise harder, but other times...adding weight makes an exercise easier


Here, at Flexia, we thought we'd make life a little simpler. 


That's why we created our Spring Recommendation and Spring Level Indicator, on the left-hand side of your class screen, in the Flexia Online Studio. This handy sidebar not only updates every exercise to keep you on track with any spring changes, but also has the unique ability to advance or decrease levels from 1-5, based on the user's goals for the workout. 


How do I know what springs to use in class?

Take a look at the left-hand side of the screen below--that's your Spring Recommendation! 


Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 10.41.07 AM


This panel is a representation of the springs within the well of your Flexia Smart Reformer, with your orange spring on the far left and your white spring on the far right. Here's a quick refresher on our spring weights


In  the class above, the orange spring is filled in, indicating that just your orange spring should be engaged for the next exercise. Moments before the next exercise begins in class, your Spring Recommendation will change, prompting you to adjust with no time wasted. 


What if the spring setting suggested isn't right for me?


We've got you here, too. To make the exercise more challenging, simply tap the ⬆️, and to decrease the challenge, tap ⬇️. With Levels 1-5 to choose from, we make it easy to find your perfect challenge. 


Press play on the video below for an explanation from our CEO + Founder, Kaleen:




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