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Pilates and Weight Loss—Let's Discuss.

Weight loss is a common reason why many people decide to start an exercise program. If this is a goal of yours, you might be wondering if the Pilates Reformer can help with weight loss.

The truth is that you cannot spot reduce fat or “spot tone” through exercise and research overwhelmingly suggests that for weight loss to occur a caloric deficit and nutritional changes need to occur, so while there are many benefits to a regular Pilates Reformer practice, it is unlikely that exercise alone will change the appearance of your stomach or help you lose weight. 

Research also suggests that pursuing an exercise program in conjunction with dietary changes results in more sustainable weight loss and long term health benefits, including increased cardiorespiratory fitness, greater strength, and better insulin sensitivity. 

This means that while exercise, such as Pilates on the reformer, cannot directly help you lose weight, it can support you in your weight loss journey and efforts towards a healthy lifestyle.

Pilates Reformer exercises are designed to build strength and stamina without leaving you exhausted. This means that you may find you have more energy to stand and cook in the kitchen rather than order in. 

A Pilates Reformer practice may help reduce joint pain, which can allow you to be more active throughout the day and pursue more vigorous forms of exercise, which can contribute to a higher caloric burn during the day and make it easier to achieve a caloric deficit. 

Regular physical activity, including Pilates reformer classes, can also promote improved mood and better mental health, which may help you reduce stress and make it easier to make more health driven choices. 

If you have a weight loss goal or are working towards lifestyle changes, Pilates on the Reformer may not directly impact weight loss, but it is a valuable part of the journey that can help support your body and health during all phases of life.