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Ally Love, Peloton and Pilates...

Hey there, I'm Marisa, Flexia's Inbound Sales Manager. I'm the one you meet with during our Pilates reformer demos. That's me below, on my Flexia Reformer 👋


my FACE-1


And I’ve got a confession: I love my Peloton. 


I do, I really do. But let me tell you why, because it’s not about the leaderboard or calorie burn or sweat factor. 


It’s, quite-honestly-right-hand-to-heart, because of Ally Love. 


When I tell you this human is a starburst of positivity and effervescent bubbles of joy, I’m selling her short. Ally Love is the comeback story we instinctively root for, the best friend we trust for honest feedback, and the drill sergeant we voluntarily follow into battle for a 30 minute Tabata ride. 


Ally had a life-defining moment at 9-years-old when a car accident left her with a broken femur and an impossible choice: fight through or lose her life. In true Ally-Love-fashion, even at 9-years-old, she chose to fight, defying all odds of ever running again, to become one of the most celebrated fitness personalities of the decade. 


That resilience is standard practice for the Peloton instructor, Today Show contributor, Brooklyn Nets host, and founder of Love Squad, and she’s leading the charge for self-love along the way. There’s something to be said about a connected fitness instructor, turned celebrity phenom, who doles out the same devotion, admiration, and respect the she earns. It’s indubitably awesome, undoubtedly strong, and incredibly rare. 


If you workout on Peloton with Ally Love, you feel like you know her. She’s a friend, a colleague, a kickass coach, and a sister. You trust her with your bad moods, great days, and--coming in a surprising third on the list, at least for me--your workout. 


“It’s boss-o’clock” is her hype statement at Peloton before the toughest parts of her rides, and it's consistently met with thunderous applause from her in-studio audience. Who gets pumped before torture? Ally Love's squad. 


Because that's what Ally Love does, she connects and inspires. Even through a one-way screen. It's "exertainment" on the highest level, because she cares. Each class is carefully crafted to give you a killer cardio workout and laced with a unique brand of thoughtfulness and empathetic storytelling/goal setting that only Ally Love could provide. Ten minutes in, you forget it's a workout. 


So, why tell this story. Why share one of my deepest secrets with my Flexia Community? 


Because that level of coaching + connection is paramount to many of us, expected both in the Pilates studio and from virtual Pilates instruction at home, but it doesn't happen overnight. My adoration for Peloton's Ally Love happened on accident: I took her class because it was the first class in my queue, I liked some songs she played, I resonated with a story she told, and over time I'd choose her classes more frequently, until she became the instructor I consistently gravitated towards. 


If you're anything like me, that relationship is imperative to sticking with your workouts and achieving your goals. 


So, let's jumpstart your instructor search and help you find your 'Ally Love' in the Flexia Online Studio.


Introducing Flexia's Online Studio Instructors 


Flexia Pilates Instructors



Kaleen is our Founder + CEO and, though she leads our Pilates beginner series on the reformer, her intermediate and advanced classes can leave you short of breath and counting down to feet-in-straps.


She loves a great workout and consistently replies with a "😈" when our team whines of muscle fatigue after her classes. 


Reformer Pilates Workout with Kaleen




Kelsey's Pilates practice is centered around developing strength and physical awareness, which leads to increased poise, flexibility, and confidence. 


She's a master of the "fiery athletic flow" and will keep you challenged with faster transitions and few rest breaks. 


Pilates Reformer Workout with Kelsey



Mychele's Pilates reformer classes are low impact, yet challenging, and most importantly...FUN.


Mychele prides herself on a warm, welcoming environment during class, where you can comfortably challenge yourself and feel immensely supported. She's here for a great time and some sweat along the way. 


Pilates Reformer Workout with Mychele




Annie puts a contemporary twist on classical Pilates, making her sessions fluid, fun, and challenging.


Annie has some of our favorite Pilates cues and, as a former dancer, she brings a level of technicality to the reformer that's refreshing and educational. 


Pilates Reformer Workout with Annie




Jada-Rae is a Master Pilates Instructor and believes that movement is medicine. Her passion for health and wellness shows up in her cues and you're most definitely leaving her classes feeling the workout. 


Intermediate and Advance Pilates lovers: Jada-Rea's classes are for you! Her teaching adjectives are relatable, dynamic, creative, and sneaky.


Pilates Reformer workout with Jada-Rae




Kelly's classes are high-energy and packed with lots of movement. She aims for every Pilates class to break a sweat and smile. 


Kelly believes in a "one-workout-make-it-count" mentality and intends to get the most out of her time spent on the Pilates reformer. Her transitions are quick, but balanced well with some mid-class stretching. 


Pilates Reformer workout with Kelly

Credentials for all Flexia Instructors:


Finding your Flexia Instructor


Eventually, we all find a sort of kinship with our instructors, within Pilates or otherwise. They become our constants in the chaos of everyday life, and we're grateful for that. We come to count on our their cues, the way they craft a class, their go-to exercises (and preferred ways to torture us), it's comforting. 


I implore you to find your go-to instructor with Flexia--you will--because it's what makes coming to the reformer three times each week possible, at least for me. It's the game-changer between "I have to" and "I get to", a mind shift that's made all of the difference in my workout routine. 



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