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Is the Flexia footbar adjustable?

Our reformer's footbar might look a little different than you're used to, but we promise your experience and customizability will be the same--nay, better. Keep reading to learn more...


Why doesn't it pivot on an axis?

Our footbar is located on the (well...) foot-end of the reformer and locks in place with two plunger levers. The reason for this design? Our footbar is the kickstand for our reformer when stored upright: 

Flexia Smart Reformer Standing Up on Footbar kickstand


We saw immense value in offering an upright storage solution for Pilates lovers tight on floorspace at home. With our footbar as a kickstand, our reformer can comfortably store in corners as tight as 2.5ft x 3.5ft x 8.5ft. Tap here for our full dimensions. 


Is the footbar adjustable?

Yes! Our footbar has 2 heights with the footbar curved towards the reformer + 2 heights with it curved away. Tap play below for a video of our footbar swap:



Alongside our footbar's 4-way adjustability, our carriage has 3 positions, and our shoulder blocks have an additional 4, that's 48 adjustability options to customize your perfect Flexia Reformer fit


See the 48 different positions you can adjust Flexia Smart Reformer to fit your height


Ready to bring your Smart Reformer home? Learn more about our smart metrics here and tap here to shop


For more questions about our Smart Reformer, visit our Knowledge Base (our searchable FAQ), book a demo with us, or send an email to